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Children with Science Chatterbox

Science Chatterbox activity ideas

Science Chatterboxes are an invaluable science teachers resource which follow and fully support KS2, Scottish P3/P4/P5, KS3, Scottish P6/S1/S2 and QCA Units of Study (they also complement all other primary science schemes of work).

The worksheets are fully differentiated and can be used in pairs, small groups or the whole class. There are many ways for using this resource, here are just a few suggestions...

Within Science Lessons

Starter: Just as literacy and numeracy lessons begin with a 10 minute word or mental starter, try doing the same for science using the Chatterboxes.

Investigations: Try using one of the questions as a starting point for an investigation.

Brainbreaks: Chatterboxes could be used as an ideal ‘brainbreak’ activity within a lesson.

Reinforce Current Learning: Use at an appropriate time during the lesson to reinforce current learning or to introduce new ideas/concepts.

Plenary: Use during the plenary - teacher holds the Chatterbox and asks the questions.

Assessment for Learning

1. Blank out the questions or answers before photocopying - children write an appropriate entry. How well the children are able to articulate their responses, provides a useful formative assessment tool. Alternatively, children could show their responses using a whiteboard.

2. As the two books provide a huge bank of levelled questions (3-5), use these to create your own assessment sheets.

3. Set aside a couple of Chatterboxes specifically for assessment. Then at the end of the topic, in small groups or pairs, etc, listen in to the children's responses.

Personalised Learning

Allowing and encouraging the children to illustrate and annotate the Chatterboxes, using internet research, reference books or their own limitless imagination, leads to powerful personalised learning.

Customise Your Own

Use the blank format to create your own customised chatterbox. Using the blank format, children could make their own - to help consolidate their learning and understanding.


An ideal short activity that could be used for end of topic revision. Alternatively, use periodically through the year, so the children don't forget what has been already learned.

Chatterboxes are a popular homework activity!