Fun and exciting to use in the classroom to extend learning and a great way to take science into the playground.

Debby Forsyth Head of Science, Micklefield School.

We used this at home with our 12 year old son and it certainly improved motivation and results! Many memorable and fun facts are highlighted.

Deirdre, Highgate, London.

Very excited about using these all through KS2! Great idea that enhances learning.

Annabel Gray, KS2 Teacher, Queen's Park Primary School.

Thank you for this fantastic resource. The year 6 particularly enjoyed it and it makes revision fun.

Tracy Gandy, Science co-ordinator, Nursery Hill Primary School, Warwickshire.

The Chatterbox material appealed to and engaged children of all ability levels, and proved to be a fun-packed approach to science revision for SATs.

Sister Susan, Headteacher, St Thomas More’s Primary School, Birmingham

This is the best product for me at this year’s NEC Education Show, I know the children will love it.

Monica Walczak, Associate Headteacher, St Patrick’s Primary School, Rochdale

The Chatterbox worksheets have been an exciting addition to science lessons through the whole of KS2. They are perfect for promoting discussion among all children.

Jill Sexton, Science Co-ordinator, St Joseph’s Primary School, London

I used this fantastic resource for the first time with a ‘difficult’ year 8 set. The learning achieved was wonderful and inspired many further questions.

Teresa Middleton, Science AST, Archbishop Grimshaw Secondary School, Solihull